Friday, February 11, 2011

Crinkle Ribbon!

I have new stained crinkle ribbon and it is sooo pretty!

I used tea to stain it... I call it my Rosanne ribbon... :)

Also we have the following colors...








Here are some pictured!

For $4 you can pick 3 colors and you will receive 3 yards of each color!
If you are local email me if not visit my etsy store !

The Resin Flowers are HERE!!

They finally made it and they are itty bitty teeny weeny!

6mm wide actually

4mm high

10 different colors

2 of each color in a pkg

$2 per pkg

Hope to have some projects using them soon!

I haven't even posted them and I have sold several pkgs already so hurry up!
Coming next I am making stick pins with beautiful glass beads and crystal spacers!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I just added more of the following to my etsy shop...
Small Wooden Spools
Medium Wooden Spools
Colorful Twine
Crinkle Ribbon
I did have some tea stained Ribbon but it went before I could even get it up on etsy. s I am dying more today.
Also, still to come is resin flowers!

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